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“Countless people are inspired, healed and educated through Hip Hop globally… Emerging and evolving virtually everywhere on earth, it's one of the most powerful cultural forces on the planet… What's next?”

Inner and outer change is possible when we know our creative power. When we recognize ourselves as creators, we can shape ourselves and our world beyond definition or limitation.

Hip Hop is a science for knowing ourselves this way. From head-spins to beat-juggling to 3D paint portals, we get in touch with our limitless genius and build with the inspiration it brings.

In virtually every place on the planet folks are cultivating and building with this science. With tens of millions practicing Hip Hop arts, culture and philosophy it’s one of the most influential impulses on earth. From schools to war zones, galleries to back alleys, grass roots organizing to presidential politics, countless people are inspired, healed and educated through Hip Hop.

If we look (and make sure to look beyond mass-media’s skewed and severely limited portrayal) we can see Hip Hop’s impact. As lovers and livers of the culture we can also see there are next levels to be reached.

For the past 40 plus years Hip Hop has been preparing us for something. What is it? What’s next? What’s the global potential of this movement and how do we work together to realize it?

This site is dedicated to exploring these questions and working with next steps. By sharing my work and inviting others to do the same, I hope to cultivate the networks, inspiration and tools needed to collectively realize what’s possible.

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Student taught course @ U.C. Berkeley focuses on L.A. Underground Hip Hop from the late 90's. Syllabus includes Freestyle Fellowship, OMD, The Shape Shifters, The English League and many more.
Matre, along with Hip Hop educator Safahri Ra and veteran DJ, Jazzy V, recently spoke to the class on the Berkeley campus about lyricism, history, education and the future of Hip Hop culture.


Check out Raptivism!

A powerful Hip Hop justice project, connecting Hip Hop artists / activists around the globe, from the U.S. to Denmark, India, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa and the UK!


Street Poets
Facilitating poetry workshops in probation camps and schools, Street Poets is one of the organizations I work closely with. This video by Team Explore gives a powerful portrait of Street Poets' history, work and community.

Click here to see the rest of this video and to learn more.

Dope Old School Hip Hop history w/ footage featuring Kool Herc, Malcolm McLaren and others!

Hip Hop Godfather, Afrika Bambaata, and others, break down the history and lineage of Rap Music and Hip Hop.