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Inspired by artists and musicians recognizing the potential for new, equitable economic practices and exploring their role in helping to create them, “Gifted” is a platform to receive and support music and art without buying or selling, an emerging business model based on creativity, generosity and the power of community.


When you see a “product” (a CD for example) with the “Gifted” logo on it, it means the following:

  • This artist is not charging a fee for this creative work. It’s a gift and being given freely.
  • You are invited to support this work by freely contributing whatever amount of money or services you feel inspired to.
  • We view economy as a collaboration, and we invite you to collaborate with us in supporting music and art’s transformative potential.
  • We see the arts as necessary social services and we invite ourselves and others to support them as such.
  • We invite you to share your inspiration and feedback and we welcome on-going conversation and collaboration.